Conversion funnel

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conversion funnel drop off

Track your traffic page by page with Capturly’s conversion funnel feature. Each website has one or more key user journeys such as subscription or checkout processes. Capturly's conversion funnel feature enables you to identify these journeys. Analyze them and find out where the number of your visitors drops off and why.

Conversion funnels are easy to set up in Capturly. You can define each step of your conversion funnel by adding the URL of the desired page. You can go advanced and create custom events to track. There is no limit on how many conversion funnels you can create in Capturly.

After a conversion funnel is set, you can check the related session recordings for each conversion and drop-off at each step. Finding the weakest link on your website is a crucial step in problem-solving. Conversion funnels give you full control. Discover when and where you are losing users in favor of understanding how you can focus on long-term retention.

Make your onboarding process user-friendly and catch your users before it’s too late.

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