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Find out where your customers lose interest!

Funnels allow you to map out and track specific steps in your customer's journey, from initial interaction to final conversion. They enable you to identify potential bottlenecks, make strategic improvements, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

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What is blocking the conversion?

What is blocking the conversion?

Track and visualize your user's journey across predefined steps, pinpointing stages where significant drop-offs occur - these are your potential conversion barriers. Delve into session recordings to uncover the 'why' behind user drop-offs, empowering you to implement targeted solutions that smooth the user experience and boost conversions.

Where visitors exit your page?

Where visitors exit your page?

Gain insights into these crucial exit points to enhance user experience. Boost your conversion rates by delving deeper into user behavior. Evaluate the customer journey and implement valuable, data-driven improvements. Leverage the power of data to unlock your website's full potential with funnel analysis.

Where are you leaking potential income?

Where are you leaking potential income?

Identify and patch those revenue drains to strengthen your website's financial performance. Take a close look at your sales process to find practical, money-making insights. Enhance your income through better content. Use the power of data-driven strategies to boost your website's earning potential to its fullest.

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In Capturly's offer

Customizable funnels with URLs and events>

Customizable funnels with URLs and events

In Capturly's offer, you'll find a highly customizable funnel analytics feature, allowing you to craft your conversion pathways based on visited URLs and triggered events. This level of specificity gives you a clear, actionable map of your customer's journey, tailored to your unique business needs.

Funnel breakdown aka filtering>

Funnel breakdown aka filtering

Leverage the power of precision with Capturly's advanced filtering options, providing a detailed funnel breakdown. By analyzing segmented user behavior, you can uncover targeted insights, allowing for more refined and successful optimization strategies.

Session recordings are integrated with funnels>

Session recordings are integrated with funnels

Dive deeper into user behaviors with Capturly's session recordings for every step of the funnel, including the drop-off points. By visually exploring your customer's actions, you gain crucial insights into what drives conversions and what causes churn, empowering you to improve the user experience effectively.

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Expert's tip

Never underestimate the power of A/B testing in your funnels. Spot a conversion barrier? Experiment with alternative versions of that stage and pick the winner. This data-driven approach optimizes user engagement and conversion rates. Remember, user behavior isn't static; it shifts with trends and preferences. So, keep your analysis fresh by updating your funnels periodically, ensuring you stay on top of emerging conversion obstacles and adapt swiftly to your audience's evolving journey.

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Integration with session recordings

Integration with session recordings

Automatic data collection

Automatic data collection

Easy setup

Easy setup

GDPR- & CCPA-compliant

GDPR- & CCPA-compliant

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How Rackhost Increased its Conversion Rate by 15%

"Thanks to Capturly's user behavior analytics, we were able to understand our customers' behavior and make data-driven decisions to boost our conversion rate by 15%!"

Beatrix Sebők
Beatrix Sebők
CMO at Rackhost
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Guide / Conversion funnel

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Frequently asked questions

The conversion funnel shows you the customer's journey from becoming aware of a product or service to taking action. It's like a roadmap, with different stages signifying varying degrees of interest. The beauty of it is that it can be tailored to your specific business plan. What's the ultimate goal? To guide potential customers toward desired actions - be it subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a paid program. However, it's important to note that as we progress down the funnel, the number of conversions typically decreases.

The conversion funnel serves as an indispensable tool for businesses. It provides useful information about how customers act, which helps highlight areas that should be improved. It's instrumental in refining marketing campaigns, boosting customer acquisition, and increasing revenue. Also, it makes it easier to experiment and learn from the outcomes. This encourages a culture based on facts and data, which can help the entire business thrive.

Conversion funnels serve as essential navigational aids, guiding visitors through a step-by-step journey. They help capture attention, spark interest, build desire, and, ultimately, drive visitors to take action. They provide businesses with a useful way to get to know their customers better, thereby improving their ability to attract new ones.

Here are some examples of what you can discern:

  • Pinpointing the exact stages where visitors exit your site.
  • Gauging the percentage of users who disengage at each step.
  • Recognizing where you're missing out on potential revenue.
  • Determining which part of the customer journey excels.
  • Identifying which stage requires enhancement.

A well-designed conversion funnel guides customers from simple interest to becoming loyal supporters of the brand. This illustrates the importance of carefully planning to retain customer loyalty. It also highlights areas where businesses can improve their website.

Creating a conversion funnel using Capturly is a straightforward task. The process begins with registration, followed by embedding a tracking code. You then configure the funnel step-by-step, based on URLs and/or events. This setup allows users to effortlessly analyze session recordings and pinpoint drop-off points. All of this is made easy by Capturly's intuitive platform and readily available support.

Funnel analysis is a key tool for evaluating and improving a company's sales strategy. It aids in understanding how people become buyers, identifies issues in the sales process, and helps secure more long-term customers. Thus, it's a highly important tool for businesses that want to enhance their customer experience and continue to grow.

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Never miss a click again!

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