Do you want to know what your visitors really want?

Click heatmaps

Do they click on every button on your page?

Capturly summarizes the users’ decision-making process for you. Clicking is a powerful indicator of interest.With click heatmaps, you can reveal what motivates your visitors. Find out which elements of your website are the most popular, what should be clickable and what shouldn’t.

Capturly’s click heatmaps show the exact click positions, so you will get accurate data regardless of the page layout. It doesn't matter if you are a Shopify, a WooCommerce or a Magento user, heatmaps are the perfect tool to find out which products or submenus are missed by your customers.

Scroll heatmaps

Do you want to know how far your visitors scroll on your website?

Capturly makes it easy to find out which section of your website attracts the most visitors. With scroll heatmaps, you can see how far your visitors scroll down or when they leave the page without performing a desired action.

Capturly’s scroll heatmaps show you where you should put your main call-to-actions on mobile and desktop to catch the most attention. You can optimize the position of your elements based on the visitors' behavior.

Segment heatmaps

Do you know which referrers bring the most active visitors to your site?

Capturly allows you to filter data in a convenient way. You can select the data you're interested in by checking or unchecking the right segments. Identify the most popular areas of your page. See if any of the segments are behaving differently than the others.

Every segment has its own color for easy distinction. Check the source of the traffic in maximum detail. With segment heatmap, you can focus on a specific operating system, device, browser, or webpage and gather first-hand information about your visitors.

By using Capturly’s segment heatmap filtering system, you can analyze the behavior of your visitors immediately by switching between the "New vs Returning” segment.

Segment heatmap is an exciting feature in Capturly's website analytics toolbox.

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