Session replay

Wouldn't be great to see what your visitors do on your website?

Capturly session replay

Session replays enable you to track visitor engagement in a qualitative way. Discover if your visitors encounter any problem on your website. Imagine if you could sit right beside your visitors and see what they're doing on your page. Wouldn’t it be great?

Capturly's session replay feature records all the actions on your website. These can be like clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, from fills and more. It helps you to understand the people behind the numbers and base your decisions on facts to get rid of the guesswork. Notice minor differences between the ways new and returning visitors interact with your site. Discover how the user behavior changes after you introduce a new feature or run an A/B test. Filter the recordings according to your desire.

Check out the live session replay demo

Session replay can to track and follow every change on your website when you are implementing or running a new feature. You are also able to filter the session recordings by page URL, date, events and more.

Session replay is a fast, secure tool that supports all devices and screen sizes, logged-in pages and dynamic pages.

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